10 Struggles only girls with oily skin understand

Those with oily skin sometimes feel as if their face is actually dripping and you can’t get any makeup to stay on. The struggle is especially real with girls with slick skin.

  1. You can decide to wear makeup based only on the weather. So you can’t wear makeup if it’s humid or hot, and even perhaps on a normal and gorgeous day as you will have to end up spending the whole day powdering up so that the makeup remains.


  1. You can’t even think of wearing cream blush or eye shadows, unless you plan at looking like your eyes are melting off your face! You just have to stick to powders which will eventually end up as creamy formulas on you anyway!


  1. No matter what happens, you have to wash your pillow cases several times a week. If you fail to do so, you only feel like your face is buried in a puddle of oil!


  1. Even if you wash your face at 7 am, it ends up looking like a grease ball by 9 am! It’s only cleansing cloths which come to the rescue here!


  1. If you find someone just staring at you in class, you are quite sure they are actually using your shiny forehead as a mirror! Moreover, you can see your own reflection clearly on your forehead when you stare in the mirror.


  1. You get the perfect selfie only after taking a million of them as there always seems to be a glare, especially on your greasy cheeks or forehead.


  1. After spending so much money on oil-free lotions which promise to reduce shine, you find you are still oily only 5 minutes later! All thanks to nothing!


  1. You suffer from a mini panic attack if you ever leave your home without your blotting papers. You then have to use toilet seat covers as blotting papers and feel so embarrassed when someone catches you doing this!


  1. You want to skip using a moisturizer, though you know you really shouldn’t! It’s basically because your face moisturizes itself.


  1. You face a great struggle keeping your makeup on all day. You have to use matte foundations and setting powders as your BFF.

Then again, despite all this, your oily skin means you don’t have to deal with dry, itchy and flakey skin. Moreover, your mom keeps telling you to be grateful for your oily skin as it makes you look like you’re only 21 when you’re actually 35!