11 Things you should never apply to your face

  1. Hair color: If you want your hair and brow color to match, it’s better to use a tinted brow mascara or vegetable-based color for your brows instead of your hair color as it’s less harsh on your hair. Even box dye is rather irritating for the skin around your eye area and can burn your eyes and tear them.


  1. Shampoo: Shampoos are meant to clean and do things for your hair shaft and not to deal with your skin’s delicate molecules. So if you wash your face with shampoo, you will end up with dry and flaky skin as its surfactants will strip your skin of excess oil and dirt as it does while cleaning your hair.


  1. Hair spray: If you think that hair spray will help set your makeup, you’re wrong. It should never be applied to your face as it contains alcohol and lacquers which dry and dehydrate your skin to make you look older. Moreover, hair spray has repellants which can irritate your skin and leave it red and bumpy.


  1. Vegetable shortening may be applied to your body skin for treating psoriasis but is too heavy for your face. It may even clog your pores and lead to breakouts.


  1. Body lotion: Though it’s nice to slather just one lotion to your face and body, body lotions should not be applied to your face as they are thicker and contain fragrances which may irritate your facial skin. Always use something gentle and delicate on your face.


  1. Deodorant: Deodorants are meant to keep your underarms from sweating through your shirt and not be swiped on your face with the hopes of preventing your makeup from melting down your face. Your skin should breathe and you shouldn’t stop it.


  1. Foot cream: Never apply foot cream to your face, even if you are desperate to apply it to a tiny dry patch. Foot creams are too thick, rich and sticky to apply to your face. They are meant to break down the thick calluses on your feet and have chemical exfoliant which should not reach your face.


  1. Hair serum: Don’t apply this just because it has the word ‘serum’ on its label! Your skin can’t handle this serum as you only coat the hair shaft with ingredients which do not treat fine lines or other skin problems. They also contain fragrances which heavily irritate your facial skin.


  1. Nail polish: If you are trying to paint your face with nail polish for a Halloween or costume party, don’t. It dries the skin out with its acrylic molecules; use paint designed for your face instead.


  1. Mayonnaise: This is used in DIY hair masks as it hydrates your hair; but it’s not a good idea to apply it to your skin as it’s too acidic. Your skin can’t breathe and only ends up clogging your pores.


  1. Vinegar or acetic acids: Vinegar can be applied to your face only as a toner. However it’s better to use a toner containing the ingredient instead of using it directly as vinegar loses water and grows stronger with time. If you use it on your skin, it burns, especially if you don’t know how long you’ve had it.