3 Skin care tips to follow after pregnancy

Only a mother knows the bliss and agony of having a baby. The baby is a beauty, but the baby’s associated responsibilities can take its toll on the mother. You end up so busy that you hardly find time to spend on any particular skin care routine.

However this doesn’t imply that you should neglect your skincare routine. Hormone fluctuations now can lead to various skin problems like acne to blotchy discolorations. So here are some tips you could follow for both your internal and external skincare.

  1. Cleansing routine

As this is the time when you are more prone to breakouts, oiliness or extremely dry skin, you need to start a structured cleansing program. While everyone’s skin reacts rather differently, the skin sensitivity increases in general wherein you experience skin dehydration, acne, sensitivity or even hyperpigmentation.

So wash off the excess oil on your face twice a day to prevent acne using a mild cleanser and your hands or soft washcloth. If you feel your skin is plagued by hyperpigmentation, it’s better to protect your skin by applying sunscreen every day. However, you need to avoid hydrocodone products while breastfeeding as these products exhibit side effects not suitable for the baby.

  1. Moisturizing routine

Now you need to work at getting back your smooth and silky skin so that you feel refreshed by applying moisturizers every day after cleansing and after your weekly exfoliation treatments. Use a smoothing moisturizing body lotion all over your body to help combat any rough patches and flakiness there is.

Use a light, oil-free hydrator of a minimum SPF 45 and a body lotion to lock in all the body moisturizer and give you a lightweight feel. Serums and moisturizers enhanced with vitamins C and E also give your skin a much needed boost.

You can return to your regular skin-care regimen after pregnancy if you don’t breastfeed. However if you do breastfeed, it’s better to stick to only using organic products sans parabens.

Avoid using products containing salicylic acid or retinoid. However products containing alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid are prefect safe to use. So are physical sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc as they do not penetrate the skin.

  1. Drink sufficient water and get sufficient sleep

Make it a point to drink at least eight glasses of water a day as it supports you liver function and helps stabilize your hormones. Also eat more of dark, green leafy vegetables like kale, arugula, spinach and broccoli as they contains the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin.

Get sufficient sleep at night and through afternoon naps help your skin rejuvenate and helps your body recover after pregnancy. So getting enough sleep and rest is important, but practically impossible during the first few months after delivery!

With your skin being such a large body organ, your lifestyle changes and these tips will definitely have a large impact on your lifestyle and skin condition after pregnancy.