5 Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Moisturizer

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Moisturizer
People suffering from dry skin have a continuous need for hydrating moisturizers. Insufficient moisture in the skin leads to the quick damage of collagen fibres and skin tissues. If you too suffer from dry skin and are looking for the right moisturizing cream, here are some helpful buying tips to consider:

1. The cream should treat the root cause of dry skin
It’s not enough to look for skin product which only keeps your skin moist. It should also help at curing the cause of your dry skin. so look for products with Phytessence Wakame, which is Japanese sea kelp. It helps prevent the sudden loss of hyarluronic acid.

It is this acid which moisturizes collagen fibres and in the process, keeps the inner layers of the skin dermis moist and properly nourished. 

2. Choose products with effective emollient ingredients
It is true that all moisturizing creams help keep your skin hydrated. However they prove helpful to you only if they can keep your skin well-hydrated for a longer period of time. 

There are many products in the market which only work for a few hours and to top it all, they do not deeply penetrate into the skin.

So look for products which contain effective emollient ingredients like Manuka honey. While honey is naturally a moisturizing agent, the manuka type is from New Zealand and is a more potent variety. This honey has humectants properties which help hydrate all skin layers and mimics the moisture-producing skin functions.

3. Avoid moisturizing products which contain additives
It is always better to use natural and organic moisturizing creams as they are better and healthier for your skin. Your skin in fact benefits better through these products. Moreover, they do not contain any additives which can prove harmful to your health. 

4. Choose products which help keep your skin young and healthy
It is important that the moisturizer which you use works at supporting the youthful functioning of your integumentary system. So look for, and choose products containing the ingredient cynergyTK, an ingredient which serves an ideal source of functional keratin.

Keratin itself is a complex protein which the skin needs for regenerating collagen fibres. As you grow older, your skin’s collagen production levels start dropping. This is why it is important that you use these moisturizers to help supply keratin to your skin and in the process, prevent collagen loss. 

5. Look for products with cleansing oils
One such cleansing oil the product should contain is jojoba oil as it strips away all the cosmetic residues on your skin. It also helps keep your skin properly hydrated. Such products help with the deep cleaning of your skin.Regular use of the right skin moisturizers containing these ingredients help maintain your skin with optimal health.