7 Glowing skin care tips worth knowing

One topic women and girls will never get tired about is how they can get glowing skin. If you too have always wondered about this, here are some expert advice worth following to finally get glowing skin.

  1. The Omega-3 powerhouse

Omega-3s are important for your skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss, pollution and sun damage. So eat more of fishes like sardine and mackerel, add flax seeds to your salad and even snack on walnuts for an instant omega-3 boost. It will help increase your skin’s ability at holding onto moisture.

  1. Natural products for natural beauty

Use products with natural serums like Rejuvenating Serum which gives an instant glow to your skin.

  1. Sacrifice your afternoon coffee

It’s a fact that you are what you eat, and drink for that matter. Whatever you eat and drink affects your skin. So instead of adding unnecessary caffeine to your system through your afternoon cup of coffee, replace it with something nutritious like a green juice.

It replaces your afternoon coffee to literally transform your skin in a few days’ time. Moreover, it gives the added benefit of oxygenating the skin and stimulating the lymphatic drainage to help with de-puffing.

  1. Frequent facials

A very important and effective tip involves getting a facial once a month as there’s nothing you can do at home to replace a professional exfoliation, scrub and attention!

  1. Exfoliation is a must

The secret weapon to having great skin is none other than exfoliation. Yes, you need to do it regularly to reap its many benefits. You can compare exfoliation to your means of creating the perfect canvas to use your products and makeup on.

Exfoliation is important as no matter how much you may spend on expensive, amazing skin care products at home, if you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, the ingredients in the products won’t actually do much benefit to your skin at all.

  1. Choose products with ingredients like Neroli oil or chlorophyll

These ingredients are important and required in skin care products as they all help increase blood circulation, which in turn helps boost your blood flow and facial glow.

  1. Get an at-home massage

You could consider a lymphatic drainage massage to not only keep your skin glowing, but also to depuff your face. So if you have dry skin, you could massage your skin in circular motions upwards. You could start at the base of the neck on the sides where the arteries are located.

Then massage upwards in slow circles towards the jaw, up the face sides and around the eyes. This proves beneficial to your face as it coaxes nutrients to the tissue. To draw all the waste away, all you need to do is massage in the opposite motion by starting on the top of the face by the eyes, if you have a growing tendency for breakouts.