7 Smart ways to prevent and get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are better prevented than cured. They are those dreaded scar tissue lines common with pregnancy and extreme weight loss which are a consequence of tears in connective tissue. Though this may sound violent, it isn’t and here are some tips to prevent it from occurring.

  1. Coconut oil is the best body moisturizer for preventing stretch marks as the skin absorbs it much better than most creams and oils. This hydrates the skin to prevent the development of stretch marks and is also absorbed by existing stretch marks.


  1. As increasing your skin’s elasticity helps overcome stretch marks, adding collagen or gelatin to your diet keeps your skin supple. The gelatin from animal bones and joints isn’t vegan-friendly, but it’s a great way for meat eaters to encourage collagen production and maintain youthful skin. So drinking bone broth and using them in soups, gravies and sauces helps add gelatin to your diet.


  1. Taking zinc supplements help as zinc is a mineral needed for repairing skin tissue and for producing collagen. As women generally suffer from zinc deficiency, they can benefit by eating lots of zinc-rich foods like beef, cashews, lamb, eggs and some seafood or adding supplements to their diet.


  1. Keep your skin as hydrated as possible to prevent stretch marks as supple skin is the best defense when your skin lacks elasticity during pregnancy and weight fluctuations. So drink lots of water for inside hydration and moisturize frequently after showers and baths for external hydration.


  1. Dry brushing helps get blood flowing and removes all the dead skin cells which prevent your skin from absorbing moisturizers. This exfoliation methods promotes collagen production by stretching and stimulating the connective tissues needed for developing stretch marks.


  1. Maintaining a healthy diet is not only healthy, but also helps promote skin elasticity. So include lots of protein, omega fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E to your diet.


  1. If you have tried all this without any success, the last option you have is to try a retinoid. It’s not possible to treat stretch marks retroactively; this is where prescription-strength retinoids help.


These retinoids help accelerate the skin’s cell turnover rates to encourage better production of collagen required for fighting stretch marks. However don’t use topical retinoid when pregnant or nursing as they are not safe for pregnancy.

So if you want to get rid, or even prevent stretch marks, just implement these 7 natural home remedies to your everyday routine. With diligence and commitment, you should be able to control and prevent stretch marks.