8 Skin care tips for men with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a sensitive issue as it’s more prone to irritation than other skin types. This is why men suffering from the condition need to use the right skin products to keep your skin healthy and prevent skin problems.

  1. No point overusing skincare products

There’s no point in using your men’s skincare products more than directed to get fast results as you only end up doing more harm than good. This means if you use face and body scrubs everyday instead of only 3-4 times a week, you end up with skin redness, irritation and other problems.

  1. Start reading labels

Men with sensitive skin need to be particular, and always read the ingredient list of skin care products. You thus learn if they contain any alcohol, fragrances and dyes which may damage your skin. Products like MenScience Androceuticals are a safe buy as they are free of these ingredients.

  1. Rub using gentle towels

Do not dry your body with rough towels as it feels like sandpaper on your skin. Always use gentle and soft cotton towels to dry yourself, and just pat and not rub your skin to avoid irritation.

  1. The right aftershave

As your skin is very sensitive after shaving, use a gentle aftershave to minimize razor burn and other shaving related problems. These gentle aftershaves contain soothing ingredients like witch hazel and aloe Vera which helps calm your skin and also reduce ingrown hairs.

  1. Avoid too much hot water

Hot showers may feel good, but it is not good for your skin as it contributes to dry skin and flakiness. Its better showering with lukewarm or cool water.

  1. Avoid foamy products

Though you may like the look of lather while shaving and cleaning your face, it actually dries your skin as the ingredients used for creating the lather are usually detergents and other irritants which will remove your skin’s essential oils. So stick to using products with low foam content like a men’s shaving gel if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Not much of the outdoors

As your sensitive skin is already prone to dryness, too much exposure to the sun only worsens things. While it’s better to limit your time outdoors, as this is not always feasible, at least wear an SPF 30 sunscreen for protection from UVA/UVB rays. You could also use a lip balm for men if you have sensitive lips.

  1. Check your deodorant

It’s better to use fragrance and alcohol free deodorants as they contain aluminum and alcohol which only wrecks men’s skin. Unscented, alcohol-free deodorant is your best option for odor protection to your sensitive skin.

Life no longer looks so ‘sensitive’ to you if you follow these 8 skin care tips for men sensitive skin!