Are skin whitening creams actually effective?

The skin care industry offers various skin care products, making it difficult for the common person to choose the right product. This especially applies to skin brightening products which work at making your skin lighter and brighter. If you are thinking of buying a skin lightener, there are a few facts you need to know before buying one.

Presence of hydroquinone

Skin whitening creams contain hydroquinone, an ingredient with an attached safety concern. It’s been proven through research that it can increase the risks of getting skin cancer due to the skin’s exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, prolonged use of products containing hydroquinone can lead to a disorder called Ocrynosis or the paradoxical discoloration of the skin where it darkens.

So instead of using products containing hydroquinone and getting exposed to these risks, is’ better to use products containing vitamins like vitamin C and B3. They are better as ingredients as they have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have sensitive skin and want something to brighten your skin, look for products containing lactic acid.

Each skin brightener is different

While skin brighteners may contain similar ingredients, they work differently. Even serums and creams work differently where the serums are thinner and better for those with oil-prone skin. Creams are better for those with dry or combination skin as they add more moisture.

However though greasy, ointments give better results than creams as they penetrate the skin deeper. So you have to buy your skin brightener based on your skin type, preferences and the season as creams or lotions are advisable in summer while an ointment is better for winter.

Sun’s effect on lightened skin

All it takes is a day’s sun exposure to destroy all the skin lightening you have worked for. In other words, if your skin lightens, you need to wear a good sunscreen when you go outdoors into the sun.

Moreover, the deeper the skin lightener penetrates the skin, the better results it gives. So skin exfoliation helps as it opens the pores and removes dead skin cells to facilitate deeper penetration of skin brighteners.

So all this proves that skin whitening creams do work, if you choose the right product for your skin and if you take the right care. Moreover, if you ever want to buy a skin brightener, you need to first ask yourself why you want to lighten your skin. This is the only way you will be able to find one that fits its purpose. It’s also better to buy something as natural as possible to prevent unnecessary side effects.