Avoid The Sun For Healthy And Young Looking Skin

Avoid the sun for healthy and young looking skin

If you are worried about your skin health, you need to know that only drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet, having facial massages and applying a daily moisturizer is not enough. In addition to all this, it is important that you keep your skin protected from the sun to keep it looking young and healthy.

The most important reason for sun protection is its anti-aging impact. This is necessary because the repeated exposure of your skin to sunrays and its UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer.

This in turn affects your skin elastin levels. Altered skin elastin levels will then lead to wrinkles and other sun-induced skin aging problems like blotchy pigmentation and featheriness. This is why it’s said that most of the changes in aging skin are attributed to a lifetime of sun exposure.

So to protect yourself from the sun, you need to follow the following tips:

  1. Make it a point to avoid going outdoors during high intensity sun levels. It is between 10 am and 4 pm that the sun rays do the most damage to your skin. So by limiting the time spent outdoors during this period, you manage to control its anti-aging effects.
  2. Always wear sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) which is higher than 15 when you need to go outdoors. Apply the sunscreen generously for about 20 minutes before you go out, and then for every two hours after that. However if you plan to go in the water swimming or at the beach, or if you sweat a lot, you will need to apply the sunscreen more frequently. It however is not safe to use sunscreen on babies under 6 months. It’s better covering them and keeping them in the shade instead.
  3. It’s better to wear protective clothing like long sleeved shirts and long pants or trousers and a wide brimmed hat when outdoors to protect your skin from the sun. It’s instead better to wear tight woven fabrics like denim as it offers better protection than loosely woven fabrics like knits.
  4. As UV rays tend to reflect off sand, snow, water and any light-coloured surface like concrete, make sure you wear sunscreen when you are around these surfaces.
  5. As some UV rays also penetrate water and windows, you need protection even if you sit indoors near the sun for prolonged periods.
  6. It’s better to avoid using indoor sunlamps and tanning beds as they are in fact more harmful to your skin than the sun.

Follow these 6 tips to keep you skin healthy and looking young. Moreover, excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, so make sure you protect your skin well while outdoors.