Even 4 more skin care myths demystified

You have read and learnt the reality of a few popular skin care myths through the last two posts. As mentioned earlier, here are a few more myths demystified for your satisfaction and curiosity.

Myth no.1: Cheaper cosmetics are not as good as expensive cosmetics.

The truth is that there actually is some difference between the products available in the market. However it’s not the price which differentiates these products, but is the formulation. In other words, the amount of money you spend for your product has no connection with the quality of uniqueness of the formula.

An expensive soap is no better for your skin than the inexpensive dove soap while irritant-free Neutrogena toners is as good, or better than an irritant-free toner by Chanel! And an irritant-free toner is better than toners containing alcohol, menthol, lemon, eucalyptus, essential oils or peppermint regardless of its price or claim. 

In fact there are many expensive products which are little more than water and wax and beautifully formulated cheap products. So it does not matter how much you spend for your skin, but what you apply to it.

Myth no.2: There is a product which eliminates wrinkles.

This is false as no product of any price range can make wrinkles disappear or even prevent them. Not getting a tan and using a well-formulated sunscreen everyday are the two best things you can do.

Wrinkles form as a result of cumulative sun damage and the breakdown of your skin’s natural support structure. However no skin-care ingredient can replace what plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists can do.

Myth no.3: Mineral oil is not good for your skin.

This is again false as while mineral oil does originate from crude oil, it’s as natural as any other earth-derived substance. In fact, many ingredients are derived from absurd resources but is benign and safe to use.

For example, common table salt is sodium chloride but does not have chloride’s caustic properties or pure sodium’s unstable explosiveness. In fact mineral oil is great for dry skin!

Myth no.4: Natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones.

This is not true as there is no scientific proof that natural ingredients are better for the skin. Moreover the term ‘natural’ is hazy and loosely regulated and any cosmetic company can use it to whichever way they want.

Ingredients growing out of the ground or which are found in nature is not automatically good for the skin. Conversely, just because an ingredient is synthetic doesn’t imply it’s bad for the skin.

Surprised at all these myths? Have most of your skin care doubts and apprehensions been cleared? If not, don’t worry, there are some more myths to be demystified in the following posts! So read on!