Even men need to practice healthy skin care!- Part 1

No matter how much you may object it, you surely want to make a good impression on the girls, right? Well, to do this, you need to first know that it’s not enough if you have just a cheap disposable razor, a soap bar and Old Spice.


An average man’s skin needs much more attention than this to generate attention. So read on to realize that you too need to pamper your skin as women do theirs!


Shave correctly


Many men make the mistake of shaving against the grain or rather against the hair growth direction to get a closer shave. However this is not a healthy way of shaving as the blade tends to nick the buried hair follicle’s surface to trigger an inflammation.


Doctors thus suggest that you should shave in the direction which feels smooth. Just make sure you do one shaving stroke on each part of your face so that you don’t end up shaving the same area repeatedly.


No dry shaving


You should never shave dry as it causes friction of the blade and hurts your skin. This leads to multiple passes with the razor which in turn increases the chances of acne, cuts and ingrown hair.


It’s however no use just slapping on some shaving cream. You need to get wet. In fact, those with sensitive skin and who find shaving difficult should shave in the shower or immediately after. This is when the hair and skin is soft and supple, and thus easier to shave.


When the skin is wet and warm, use a mild shave gel or some good shave creams for lubricating the skin. This also helps soften the hair. Leave the cream or gel on the skin for a minute or two and then start shaving.


Use the right razor


The market is full of different types of razors; five blades, four blades and battery powered blades. However those with sensitive skin, ingrown hairs or acne-prone skin should preferably use razors with fewer blades.


People with curly, coarse or hair which grows in different directions usually get ingrown hairs. When cut short, this hair plunges into the adjacent skin while growing out to create a little red bump to look like a little splinter. So those with ingrown hairs should use a two blade razor as it does not cut so close.


It’s also better to notice if you have nickel allergies. Notice if your skin gets irritated from the back of your watch or the snap on jeans under the belly button. If it does, and you have an allergy, it’s better to use titanium razor blades.


Interested to learn more skin care tips for men? Don’t worry, you just have to wait for the next post and you will learn how to create a good impression with girls through your shiny skin!