Eye care is also a part of skin care

Lots of emphasis is placed on buying and choosing the right skincare products. However not many people know that it’s also important that you remove makeup before sleeping. Most women feel so tired at the end of the day that they don’t feel like spending any more time removing their makeup before sleeping. However not doing this can lead to significant skin damage which accelerates the aging process.

This is because the makeup you wear picks up pollutants and free radicals. If you don’t remove your makeup before sleeping, these pollutants and free radicals end up clogging the skin pores to trigger the breakdown of collagen fibers.

So no matter how busy or tired you may feel, make it a point to pamper your skin for at least 10 minutes every night. All you need to do is remove your makeup, wash your face using a mild cleans and last, apply a moisturizer. If you sleep with a clean face, you let your skin breathe through the night, and thus slow down the aging process.

Practice controlled ex-foliation

It is a good habit exfoliating your skin as it helps remove all the dead skin cells, debris, dirt and excess oil and helps skin care products to penetrate deep into your skin. However like everything else in life, too much of exfoliation is not good as it robs your skin of its natural oils to leave your skin red with skin irritations.

So if you do exfoliate, it’s better to limit it to a ‘once a week’ affair if you have dry skin. You may have to do it twice a week if you have oily skin. Just remember to use gentle motions and not to scrub your skin harshly while exfoliating.

Give special care to eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes are common as the skin around the eyes is thin and gets easily exposed by UV exposure, irritation and other environmental factors. As these wrinkles make you look older, you can prevent them by taking extra care of this delicate skin region.

You need to avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers as it triggers the formation of wrinkles which grow permanent with time. Rubbing can also rupture the blood vessels found under your skin and in the process, make your dark circles look more prominent. If you have any eye irritation, you just have to splash cold water on your eyes.

Make it a habit to apply a good quality eye cream as it helps keep your skin well moisturized. Give the area around your eyes a gentle massage for a few minutes every day to improve the blood circulation, and rejuvenate your skin. It’s also better if you maintain a habit of wearing sun glasses when outdoors to protect your eyes from UV rays.