How men with acne should shave

No matter if you have curly hair or are acne prone, it’s not easy shaving over skin imperfections. However these tips can prove helpful at getting zits and bumps in control so that you can easily shave.

  1. Use only shaving creams you are comfortable with, and enjoy using. No matter how many times you shave, there is always a chance of your getting hurt. In such situation, using a product which has a soothing effect helps. Products with zinc are also a wise choice as they create a calming and non-greasy texture with anti-acne benefits. Though such products may be a bit expensive, its comfort is worth it.


  1. It’s more comfortable shaving after a warm shower and it makes a big difference. However you need not do much to your face while in the shower. Avoid using hot water and washing your face with soap or harsh cleansers or even those exfoliating products with grit. Moreover, don’t use a washcloth as it only irritates the acne.


  1. Though multi-blade razors do give a close shave, it may be too close for men with sensitive or problem skin. It’s because shaving with 2, 3 or more blades leads to hair retreating under the skin. As the hair grows, it tends to push its way out but in some cases, the hair gets stuck in the follicle and leads to potential infections amidst the acne.


Now if you wonder which razor to buy, well, disposable razors are a no-no as they are an enormous waste of resource and unnecessary source of pollution. Safety razors are actually the best option available as its transition is easy.


  1. No matter if you are black, white or somewhere in between, make it a habit to apply some sunscreen facial moisturizer to your face after shaving. Also apply it to your neck and hands every morning as it helps your skin repair itself by not getting dehydrated or damaged by the sun. Healing acne is more difficult with damaged skin.


  1. Shaving is easier if your acne is under control. So talk to your doctor or dermatologist if your acne problem is severe and irritating. However if it’s a mild to moderate case, over-the-counter products generally work well.

If you have an acne problem, it’s better to use these tips whenever you shave. However if the acne attack is rather chronic, you could consider taking a break from shaving for a few days and then shave only when the acne condition is under control.