How to prevent dark underarm skin- Part 1

If you believe in the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, then you should do just that; prevent getting dark underarms! You feel the necessity of taking preventive measures even more when you take a look at someone else’s dark underarms and realize how ugly it looks! So to help you out with this, here are some dos and don’t you should follow to ensure you have white underarms and they don’t turn black!

  1. Using hair removal creams is a no-no as most of them have harsh chemicals which will only harm your skin. They only trigger rashes, irritation, itching and in some cases, even serious skin disorders. As the prolonged use of hair removal cream for removing hair can lead to permanent skin damage, it’s better to resort to waxing to remove underarm hair.


  1. Shaving is also not suggested as it only removes surface hair to leave an ugly stubble, and an appearance of dark underarms. Moreover, the more you shave your underarm hair, the rougher your skin becomes. Waxing is a better alternative, which you can do with the help of a professional at a parlor.


Waxing removes both the hair from its roots and dead skin to give your underarm a soft and bright feel. Though you may feel immense pain when you wax, it’s only for a couple of sittings, till your mind, body and skin gets used to it. However if you have sensitive skin, you can always ask the beautician to use some herbal wax or special wax formulations.


  1. Electrolysis is also not suggested as women with dark skin risk hyperpigmentation because of it. As mentioned above, waxing is a better hair-removal solution.


  1. Keep your weight under control. If you grow obese, not only the tight clothes that you wear, but also your body fat may accumulate under the arms and rub against your clothes. This can lead to dark underarms. So if you are obese, losing weight can reduce the chances of dark underarms.


  1. Last, but not least, if you are a diabetic, make sure your diabetes is under control. This is because if you suffer from Type 2 diabetes, high insulin levels can lead to overproduction of skin cells which lead to consequent pigmentation.

Following these tips can prevent your underarms from growing dark in color. However these are not the only preventive measures you can adopt. There are some other preventive measures worth reading and implementing coming up in the next blog post!