Last 3 skin care myths debunked

This is the last of the series of blog posts on skin care myths which have been debunked. With all this information you will now be able to make better decisions, and get much better skin than you ever imagined!

Myth no.1: Blackheads are connected to cleanliness and can be scrubbed away.

Blackheads are not related to dirt and only make the skin look dirty. They are formed when too much of sebum is produced which together with dead skin cells impair or misshapen the pore. This blocks the path for oil to exit to create a clog. As the clog nears the skin surface, the mixture of cellular debris and oil oxidizes and turns black.

It’s not possible to completely scrub away blackheads. A topical scrub only removes the blackhead’s top portion but does not treat its underlying cause. This is why blackheads return. So instead of scrubbing, use a well-formulated BHA or salicylic acid product which exfoliates the pore lining’s inside and dissolves the oil and dead skin cells leading to repeated blackheads.

Myth no.2: Night moisturizers should be labeled ‘night cream’.

This isn’t true as the only different between daytime and night creams is that the daytime one offers sun protection of 25 SPF or more. Cosmetic salespeople state that the skin requires different ingredients at night and day and that some nourishing ingredients help with the skin repair work at night.

There however is no research or list of these ‘ingredients’. The human skin continuously repairs itself and produces new skin cells throughout the day. So helping the skin do this in a healthy manner does not change based on the time of the day.

Myth no.3: Products you use eventually stop working once your skin adapts to them.

This isn’t true as the chances of your skin adapting to skin-care products is as low as your body adapting to a healthy diet. So if spinach and apples are healthy for you, they continue to be healthy even if you eat them every day. Similarly, as long as you apply something healthy to it, and avoid negative external sources like unprotected sun exposure, your skin remains healthy.

If you see your skin does not improve as much as it initially did, it’s better to switch to other brilliantly-formulated products if you were always using products with irritating or drying ingredients. You will see a marked improvement in your skin pretty soon.

Now this ends the debunking of so many skin care myths. By now, you would have generated a better understanding of your skin and skin care products and will be able to take better care of your skin!