Look attractive to women with these men skin care tips

If you have just been washing your face with bar soap and water and run out of the door, it’s time you changed your skin care routine. This doesn’t mean you need to buy tons of cleansers and creams you most probably won’t use; you just have to practice these tips, which are actually jut a fine-tuning of whatever you do now.

Use a good cleanser

Men tend to take a very hot shower with harsh soaps or face scrubs. This is not advised as it only dries your skin which in turn makes your skin look old and wrinkled. Instead, it is better to use a gentle cleanser like Aveeno Men’s Face Wash to cleanse your skin from the accumulated dirt and oil, and to bathe with water which is not very hot.

No cheap razors

As men usually shave five times a week, a razor has to be a lifetime investment. So you need to choose your razor wisely to make sure it fits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness. Avoid buying and using a razor with several blades as they have a higher chance of giving razor burns or ingrown hair. This is because the extra blades it has pulls the hairs too deep below the skin.

Moreover, make it a point to use a moisturizing shaving gel as protection while shaving. As much as possible, shave in the shower or immediately afterwards when the facial hair becomes soft from the warm water and steam.

Apply sunscreen

While it’s okay to use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher, it’s better to keep a separate bottle of sunscreen handy all the time. Not using sunscreen increases the chances of your getting sun damage resulting in redness, extra blood vessels, irritation and possible skin cancer. So make it a habit to apply sunscreen every day for young and healthy skin.

After-shave is your best friend

After-shave not only hydrates and soothes the skin, it also seals the skin in after a nice shave. Use an alcohol-free after-shave as alcohol dries your skin.

Don’t forget your facial moisturizer

While facial hair is sexy on a man, a woman gets turned on only if your face doesn’t feel like sandpaper when your faces touch. So apply a moisturizer every day for soft and kissable skin. Fragrance-free moisturizers have no smell and are not that ‘girly’.

Make it a point to include these skin care tips to your daily routine. The extra time and effort spent here is well worth it; you’ll soon have girls wooing over your skin!