Looking for the best hair removal method?

Everyone wants to remove all the unwanted hair from their bodies; it’s just that many don’t know which hair removal method to use. While some people can tolerate and go through the ordeal of bikini wax, others may not be able to do so. This is why this guide was created, with the intention of helping you through the hair removal trial and error ordeal period.


  • If your hair is dark and your skin fair, then you can try laser hair removal. This works by the hair pigments absorbing the laser’s energy and effectively remove the hair. People with dark hair and a light complexion are the best candidates for this kind of hair removal.


Of course, this is also an expensive hair removal option which has to be undergone every few months at first. However if you are looking for complete hair removal, this may be the best option you have.


  • For those with sensitive skin which waxing easily irritates, sugaring is a better option, which works just like waxing. This sugar comprises of natural, food-grade ingredients like water, lemon juice and sugar which is smoothed onto the skin and then removed using cloth strips like in waxing. Unlike waxing, sugar is never hot and is applied in the direction of hair growth and not against is so that there is less tugging and thus less pain.


  • In case of fine hair, threading may be the best method for removing all the fine, sparse hairs in small areas like the face. It’s not practical or effective and rather irritating to wax facial hair as facial hair is super fine and difficult to grip. However threading offers the precision and gentleness needed for removing hair in the eyebrow and lip areas.


  • If you have a habit of using topical retinoids like Retin-A or any other similar treatment, you should never consider waxing. This is because these topical only increase the delicate nature of your skin and makes it prone to peeling and burning.


It’s not wise ripping wax from such sensitive skin nor does it give that good a result. Instead, stick to only shaving or threading and if you do have to wax, do it only after you stop using retinoids for at least 10 days.


Now that you know the best hair removal options for different types of hair, all you need to do is pick and choose the right option based on your own hair type.