Men’s body moisturizing tips – Part 1

The human skin is not only the biggest organ of the body, but is also responsible for various things like sense of touch and temperature, protecting the insides and for storing important daily life ingredients like water and vitamin D.

So the skin works a lot, and may not withstand harsh weather conditions, improper care and other habits which leads to dry skin. Prevention is always better than cure; so instead of waiting for the symptoms of dry skin to set in like pain, tightness and itchiness, try these moisturizing tips.

  • If you have tried a moisturizer and are not happy with it, it may not be its fault. It may be just that you are not using it correctly. Here’s how you should use a moisturizer. First of all, you need to choose the right one, which is not so easy considering the number of available options.


  • The best way to make a choice is by avoiding products with added perfumes or alcohol but look for thicker options which hang on overturned hands. Products with SPF are a better choice as are products containing ingredients like ceramides, lanolin, urea, dimethicone, hyaluronic acid, petroleum or glycerin.


  • Apply your moisturizer not only at bedtime, but 3-4 times a day. Apply it after washing your hands and to your body after your shower. If you are applying after your shower, just pat dry your body till your skin is just damp and then apply it. This helps lock in the natural moisture and water on your skin surface. After the moisturizer has set, use a towel to pat off any excess.


  • Don’t take long showers as it only dries your skin. Instead, your shower should last 15 minutes max. Though hot water is tempting, stick to warm water to prevent dry skin. Also avoid using harsh abrasives like rough sponges. Instead, use only a gentle exfoliating product once a week to access the soft skin lying under the exterior dry skin.


  • Moreover, unless your work is very messy like a car mechanic or contractor, it’s not necessary that you scrub down with soap every day. All you need to do is clean your genital areas and under your arms every day and soap the other body parts only twice or thrice a week.


  • Regarding your soap, look for gentle cream soaps or gels instead of bar soaps and avoid products with detergents and antibacterial ingredients. Use soaps with added oils for added moisture. However if you are a man who is so used to using bar soaps and can’t think of substituting it, then use a bar soap with added oils like olive oil or jojoba.

There’s more to moisturizing your dry male skin than bathing at the right temperature, applying a moisturizer and using the right soap. The next post will teach you more moisturizing tips worth knowing.