Men’s body moisturizing tips – Part 2

Now you know how to choose and apply a moisturizer as a man, and which soap you should use to bathe to prevent dry man’s skin. There’s more to retaining your skin moisture than using a moisturizer. You need to do some other things, mentioned below.

Choose and wash your clothes wisely

You need to wisely choose and wear your clothing. Avoid tight clothing, especially if your skin is already dry as close contact only worsens the condition. Also avoid fabrics which irritate or make you itch like scratchy wool. It’s better wearing cotton or cashmere. Use only detergents without dyes and perfumes to wash your clothes to prevent your clothes from getting rough.

You should also know when to cover up. Cold air can attack your skin in harsh winter so wear gloves to protect your hand skin and longer socks if your legs get cold. Don’t think that the sun doesn’t work in the cold weather; the worst dryness comes from burned and peeling skin. So wear a hat if you are out in the sun for long.

How to shave to prevent dry skin

Shave while in the shower or immediately after to prevent dry skin on your face after shaving. This is when your pores are more open and hairs looser wherein shaving is less abrasive. Preferably use electric razors to at least change the blade often as they tend to dull after four to five shaves.

It’s even better if you apply a preshave oil to help the blade move across your skin and help prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Use brushes to apply your shaving cream devoid of fragrances, in a circular motion and shave only after 30 – 45 seconds. After shaving, apply some aftershave lotion and moisturizer with salicylic or glycolic acid.

Don’t forget your lips

Your lip skin may be naturally red, but it too needs protection from the dryness and painful cracking of cold winter months. Moreover though your lip skin faces the world 24/7, they need protection from the harmful sun rays as they lack helpful oil glands.

To do this, it’s better to not lick your lips when dry; but keep a lip balm with beeswax or petroleum handy all the time. Also use oil based creams with the right SPF to protect your lips from ultraviolet rays. And if you plan to go walking to work or hit the slopes, do cover your lips completely by pulling your scarf over your mouth.