Men’s rough skin- not a worry anymore

Men seldom spend money, time or thought on their skin as it’s always been assumed that skin care is something meant only for women. On the contrary, anyone can get rough skin if they don’t take proper care of their skin and if they use the wrong skin products. Remember, your partner’s products may work only for her, and not for you as skincare options cannot be shared.

You need to choose your cleansers wisely for your rough skin. Regarding facial and body cleansers, liquid soap is better than soaps which are tough on the skin. Also avoid ingredients which are bad for rough skin like antibacterial detergents, alcohols and deodorants. Look for products containing added fats and oils. If your face and body are of the same skin constitution, then you can use the same product for both.

If a healthy skin-care regimen doesn’t take care of skin problems, you could use the help of over-the-counter products like cortisone cream or creams containing urea for relief from rough skin.

Even household products can trigger rough skin

Even though moisturizers do help moisturize rough skin, they cannot offer protection from the products and chemicals you encounter every day at home and at the job. Even constant exposure to household chemicals can lead to rash, redness and swelling especially if you have sensitive skin.

You can minimize these risks and protect your skin with the following steps.

  • Don’t mix products together and always wear gloves or long-sleeve shirts.


  • Avoid using dangerous chemicals and instead, use old-fashioned baking soda.


  • Wash your hands after using anything chemical.


  • Last, but not least, while all these precautionary measures can help protect your skin, you also need to follow a holistic method for smooth men skin. As stress can bring on eczema flare-ups, stress management should be your top priority. To do this, you need to first find out what causes the stress in your life. It could be family matters, your job or your health problems. Once you determine your stress trigger, you can use some steps to mitigate it.


Some coping technique suggestions are meditating, playing or listening to music, practicing yoga and connecting with friends and family in social settings. They will all help give you inner peace and consequent healthier and smoother skin.

All this proves that it is not one single thing, but a combination of moisturizers, cleansers, protection from harmful chemicals and products and holistic approach for stress relief all help smoothen your rough skin.