Men too need an eye cream

Skincare is not a word you will usually find in a man’s dictionary. So you can’t actually expect them to take much care of one of the most sensitive skin areas, which is the skin around the eyes.

This skin is very thin and is thus susceptible to suffering from problems which make you look even older and tired. So if you are like one of these guys and don’t use any eye cream, it’s time to get one. These are the reasons for your buying and using an eye cream.

  • Puffy eyes- If you have puffy eyes, you most likely also have dark circles as the two go hand in hand in men. You need to use an eye cream like MenScience Eye Rescue Formula to reduce your puffiness and give you back your complexion.


This happens as the cream infuses your skin with active ingredients. Besides the eye cream, a good night’s sleep also helps get rid of eye puffiness. So try getting to sleep earlier and avoid caffeine at night for a good night’s sleep.


  • Dark circles- Dark circles make you look like a raccoon, which no guy will want. Moreover, it makes it look like you’d spent all night partying, and this is not a message you want your employer to get! So use a regular eye cream for men to improve your skin’s elasticity and thus remove these dark circles forever.


  • Dehydration- As the skin around your eyes is sensitive, it’s is susceptible to dehydration. Moreover, dehydration is much more noticeable in this area. You can use a men’s eye cream to hydrate the skin without any worry of greasiness or any form of irritation. However if any other parts of your body are dehydrated, it’s better applying a facial and body moisturizer.


  • Wrinkles- Aging is an inevitable process wherein your skin tends to lose its elasticity as you grow older. This in turn leads to fine lines, wrinkles and various unwanted signs of aging.

Regular use of an eye cream for men may not help get rid of these wrinkles completely, but it does help reduce its appearance so that it’s less noticeable than before. Moreover, if you are worried about signs of aging, you could increase your intake of antioxidants to reduce the radical damage which damages your skin.