Men too suffer from dry skin- Part 1

Men’s skincare regimen originally comprised of just an aftershave and a mild sunburn. However things have changed nowadays wherein men put in more time and effort to take good care of their skin.

They have finally realized that the skin is the largest and very important organ of the body which has to be taken care of. Though the human skin keeps bacteria and viruses out of the body, this function is compromised in those with dry skin.

Yes, those with dry skin end up with tight, itchy and uncomfortable skin which has cracks and scales with vulnerable entry points for dangerous pathogens. So if you are one of those men with dry skin, here are some tips and help to care for it.

There are various health conditions like diabetes and kidney problems which lead to excessively dry skin. Even genetics is often blamed for dry skin. Moreover not everyone’s skin produces enough oil to keep their skin moisturized, and whatever oil is emitted is stripped off with daily washing.

Moisturizers help the most

Though moisturizers may not be manly, they give the skin a healthy appearance by getting rid of dry skin. It forms your first line of defense by preventing dry and cracked skin. There are some oily and some watery moisturizers, and some which contain various other ingredients. You need to try out some products to find out which works best for at controlling the itching and discomfort of dry skin.

However if you don’t wet your face before applying moisturizer, moisturizers may do more harm than good for your skin. This is because many moisturizers are occlusive or rather, create a layer which prevents moisture from getting out. So if your skin is dry, the moisturizer just traps the dryness. However if you splash some water on your face, the moisturizer has this water to seal inside.

Avoid cigarettes and cigarette smoke

You also need to limit your exposure to cigarette smoke if you leave a trail of skin flakes wherever you go. So smokers have another reason to stop smoking as it prematurely ages your skin and out rightly causes dry skin.

Just imagine; when you smoke, your face and hands show the signs of near-constant presence of tobacco smoke, just like a chimney darkens with time. Smoking not only damages and dries the skin, but the smoke particles and pollutants settle on the skin to form a residue with time. This residue slowly blocks the pores and discolors the skin to give unhealthy skin.

So if you have dry skin, stopping smoking and applying moisturizers can help control the condition. However if you want to know more about caring for dry skin, you will have to wait for the next post!