Men too suffer from dry skin- Part 2

While moisturizers and stopping smoking can help control dry skin in men, even men with oily skin need to tackle dry skin sometime. Like in the winters, especially if you have a tendency of spending lots of time outdoors. This is because while the temperatures plunge and the sky fills with winds, the body’s moisture retaining quality takes a beating.

Moreover, the air is less humid during the winter season, which ends up practically sucking moisture out of your skin. So it’s not that easy stopping the skin drying process. On the contrary, there are some things you can do to maintain healthy and moisturized skin even in the cold winters.

Keep hydrated

First of all, you need to remain hydrated all the time. This gives your skin time and chance to replace all the moisture it loses through evaporation.

Next, it’s better to remain indoors, and avoid the elements as much as possible. If you do have to go outdoors, make sure you protect your hands, face and all the exposed skin from the cold outside weather.

While you need to gently wash and moisturize your face once a day, you also have to re-moisturize it later on in the day. It’s better using oil-based moisturizers as they seal all the existing skin moisture in.

No long showers

Do you, like many people, start or end your day with a long and nice shower, or if you have time, take a relaxing bath? While this is relaxing, it may prove harmful for your skin as it not only removes the grime and grease from your body but also strips away skin oils. You also end up removing an important protective layer which prevents moisture from escaping through the skin.

While it’s better to cut out your tub baths, if you can’t, at least shorten showers to a few minutes and reduce the use of hot water to improve your skin’s condition. Moreover, soap dries out the skin; so avoid using soap unnecessarily. Moreover, if you haven’t sweated much since the last bath, you may consider skipping your shower!

Last, but not least, you can prevent your skin from getting dry by using mild cleansers without perfumes. Avoid using those strong antibacterial rinses and heavy-duty soaps as they are best only for people with lots of skin oil.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to prevent your skin from going dry, and not have to worry about dry skin anymore!