Night beauty rituals for your face and hands

Everyday exposure to the sun, dust, chemicals and environmental changes leads to significant skin damage. It quickens the premature aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and a dull complexion which can however be reversed by taking good care of your skin and hair at night.

It is at night that your skin repairs itself without much help from you to give you healthier skin. By following the right nightly skin care routine, you will be able to reduce the occurrence of blemishes on your skin, improve your skin tone, make your skin glow and on an overall, rejuvenate your skin. All you need to do is give your skin a few minutes every night and you will see improvements and better skin within a few days’ time.

Remove makeup

The most obvious thing you should always do is remove your makeup. No matter how busy your schedule may be, or how tired you are, you need to spend time removing makeup before going to bed at night.

As mentioned earlier, it’s at night that your skin repairs itself, and opens skin pores. This is not possible if there is a layer of makeup on your face like foundation, highlighter, lipstick and eye shadow as they all clog the skin pores. This leads to spots, uneven skin tone and even acne breakouts. All you need is a facial cleanser, cold cream or makeup remover to clean your face and rid it of makeup.

Then use a toner to tone up your face and restore your skin’s natural pH levels. This not only cleans your skin of impurities, dust and pollution, but also helps your skin resist bacteria and micro-organisms. Toners are especially important and required for those with oily skin and who are prone to acne breakouts.

While there are different types of toners in the market, pure rose water is the best natural toner with hydrating, clarifying and energizing properties. Just apply a bit of it onto a cotton pad, wipe on your face and neck region and let it dry.

Night hand care

You need to also take care of your hands at night if you want them to remain soft and smooth through the day. First wash your hands with warm water and mild soap, pat dry using a towel and then apply hand cream.

It’s better to use a plain, thick and greasy hand cream as it moisturizes your hands at night so that your hands and fingernails look great in the morning. It also maintains your cuticles and helps prevent your hands from developing sagging skin and wrinkles.

With these tips, you can help your facial skin and hands rejuvenate itself while you sleep at night. Don’t expect miracles overnight; with dedication and perseverance, you will definitely find some marked skin improvements.