Quit Smoking For Healthy Skin

Quit Smoking For Healthy Skin
Many people think that smoking is unhealthy as it leads to lung cancer. However there are many other health problems associated to smoking like quickening the aging process and in the process, lead to wrinkles and lines on your skin. 
Research has proven that smoking does reduce the skin’s natural elasticity. It promotes the breakdown of collagen and also reduces the amount of collagen which is produced. Collagen promotes skin strength, but tends to gradually degrade with age to lead to wrinkles as part of the aging process.

Quickens the aging process 
However if you smoke, this degrading happens sooner and leads to the tightening of blood vessels in the skin. This then leads to a reduction in the amount of oxygen and nutrients which the skin cells receive. All this leads to reduced elasticity and in the process, accelerates the aging process. 
Studies have also proved that exposure to the heat of burning cigarettes leads to the damage of facial skin. Moreover, some smoking behaviours contribute to the formation of wrinkles because of the repetitive facial expressions made by smokers. Examples of these facial expressions are pursing of lips while inhaling and squinting of eyes to let the smoke out. 

Limit your alcohol consumption 
Besides smoking, it’s also important that you keep a tab on your alcohol consumption for young and healthy skin. This is because when you drink alcohol, it only leaves your body and skin dehydrated. This in turn leaves your skin looking old and tired. 
If you plan to drink alcohol, make sure you drink with lots of water and of course, stick to sensible amounts of alcohol. In fact, if you drink a non-alcoholic drink like soda water or some watery fruit juice in between your alcoholic drinks, it helps your body rehydrate. 
Not only should you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for healthy skin, it’s important that you shave with care. People tend to shave for smooth and hairless skin. However it can irritate the skin if you have dry, thin and sensitive skin. 

Shave after a warm bath
Instead, it’s better to shave after you take a warm bath or shower as you get a smooth shave. The warm water softens the hair; don’t shave dry skin but instead, use a clean and sharp razor and shave in the same direction and not opposite direction of hair growth. 
It’s important that you rinse well with warm water after shaving to remove all the dead cells and soap. In case your skin gets irritated after shaving, don’t use any alcohol lotion even if it feels cold. It only worsens the irritation as it dries out the skin.