Remove lip wrinkles- they indicate your age!

Looking at the mirror, you wonder what you can do about those lip wrinkles. Well, it’s all part of the aging process, and not only you, everyone gets it. These deep grooves around your mouth however make your lip makeup bleed and is more prominent if you smoke, spend too much time in the sun or neglected your skin and have not applied any anti-wrinkle cream or moisturizer.

Your skin’s collagen levels reducing and skin becoming thinner is all part of the aging process. While it is a fact that lip wrinkles are inevitable, with some care and the following preventive tips, you will be able to minimize its appearance.

  1. If you smoke, the first thing you should do is stop smoking as wrinkles and smoking complement each other. There’s good news for you; there are now many smoking cessations in the market which you can use to stop your smoking habit.


As long as you have a commitment to stop once and for all, you can stop smoking with the help of these products. It is the nicotine in cigarettes which speeds the aging process. Moreover, the constant inhaling and exhaling of smoke increases the wrinkling, which is why it’s easy to spot smoking through their lip wrinkles!


  1. Make it a habit to use a good anti-wrinkle cream like Dermagist or LifeCell. These creams are the best to prevent wrinkles as they impart antioxidants, moisture and other nutrients to help restore your skin and give it a youthful look.


  1. You can exfoliate your lips using a little toothpaste on a baby toothbrush to gently rub your lips.


  1. Wearing sunscreen helps as it prevents your lips from getting darker and drying out. It also prevents the potential sun damage which leads to wrinkling. So while you wear a sunscreen on your body, use a good lip balm with sunscreen for wrinkles around your mouth.


  1. Drink as much water as possible as it hydrates the skin and minimizes the chances of any wrinkles appearing.


  1. Hydrating lip balms like Aquaphor help lock in moisture when applied every night. Burt Bees or CArmex are better options to use during the day.


  1. Use a lip enhancer to plump up your pout during both day and evening wear. Though they may not directly help reduce your lip wrinkles, they do make your lips feel sexy and pouty and thus reduce the wrinkles’ appearance.


  1. It’s better to use soft colors to make up your lips as these colors help enhance your natural skin tone.

So you see, all it takes are these simple 8 steps to minimize your lip wrinkles and give you a beautiful smile in exchange!