Rough men skin? Don’t worry, just follow these 7 skin care tips!

It can get pretty embarrassing if you have rough skin, especially if its roughness is compared to sandpaper! Moreover, it’s rather frustrating and embarrassing with its redness, pain, flaking, tightness and itchiness wherein you end up tucking your hands in your pockets or hiding those rough parts of your body like arms, legs and midsection.

There are various causes for rough skin and not only dryness. Several medical conditions lead to rough skin like:

  • Keratosis pilaris which causes small bumps and red spots on the thighs, buttocks and arms. Though this is not harmful, it does affect the skin’s appearance.
  • Eczema describes all conditions causing rashes where atopic dermatitis caused by allergens is the most common form. Its symptoms include redness, inflammation and itchiness.
  • Psoriasis causes irritated and red skin through an overactive immune system on the feet, back, scalp, palms, elbows and face.

No matter what the cause for rough skin may be, there are various measures you can follow to manage or even get rid of rough skin.

  1. Don’t depend only on your natural oils to moisturize your skin and control its roughness. You need to use some moisturizer with your skin’s natural oils to get soft skin. A moisturizer in fact practically glues itself to you to help keep your skin’s moisture intact.


  1. Just make sure you choose the right moisturizer, which works for you. You will find many options to choose from at the drugstore. Choose a thick moisturizer which does not contain any alcohol or perfumes and which preferably contains rough-skin-friendly ingredients like glycerin, lanolin and petroleum.


  1. Now you have your moisturizer, you need to use it correctly. You need to apply it thrice or four times a day, including once immediately after showering and when you wash hands.


  1. If you have always been scrubbing instead of washing your hands, it’s time you start washing your hands more wisely. This helps soften your rough skin especially if you wash it right in the right frequency.


  1. Though you always look forward to a steaming hot shower, it’s better and wiser if you stick to having a shower with water of a milder temperature. Moreover, don’t stand under the shower for too long as too much of hot water dries the skin. Make sure your shower lasts no longer than 15 minutes.


  1. Last but not least, the number of times you wash yourself. Don’t wash your face more than once a day if you have sensitive skin and wash your underarms and genital areas every day. It’s usually enough to clean all other body areas just twice or thrice a week.


  1. However regarding your hands, it’s better to wash them every time you use the restroom to prevent the spread of infections like influenza. Just make sure you moisturize your hands after washing.

These 7 tips prove helpful at softening your rough men’s skin. No more do you have to feel embarrassed about your skin which has a sandpaper feeling when touched!