Seasonal skin care routine for men

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc not only on women’s skin but also on men’s skin, if your skin is not looked after properly. So use these tips to save your skin from the harsh winter, dry summer heat and transitional seasonal changes.

Constant sun protection

Men tend to think that they need to wear sun protection only during overseas holidays and summer sunbathing. However it’s important that you protect your skin from UV damage throughout the year as the sun damages your skin during summer and winter too.

This helps prevent permanent skin cell damage and skin cancer and also fights the aging process. This is best done wearing a facial moisturizer containing 15 SPF protection through the year as your facial skin will receive the sun the most through the year.

Cold months are very dry

Not only is winter numbing, it’s also some of the driest months of the year for your skin. It’s because of lack of water in the air and cold winds lashing and irritating the skin. It’s important you keep your skin hydrated during cold temperatures to prevent skin irritation by wearing a good moisturizing cream. ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm is one such cream which helps firm up the skin and nourishes cells to give strong and young skin.

Follow a night skincare routine

As the night hours are when your skin recovers itself form the day’s damage, give it a helping hand with a simple night-time skincare routine. It makes the process more effective and prevents any permanent damage. Just use a face wash to wash away the day’s grime and a moisturizer for hydrating your skin.

Sweat damages your skin

Sweat has bacteria and salts which if left on the skin can lead to skin irritation and dryness. So its better you wash your face twice daily, especially after exercise during the hotter months. This helps remove the bacteria from the skin’s surface and cleans out the excess oils from skin pores.

Clarins’ Active Face Wash is a gentle cleaning wash which helps remove pollutants, impurities and bacteria without any skin damage.

Taking care of your skin through the year keeps it protected from the elements and make you feel more confident no matter which season or weather it is. Always keep your skin clean, well moisturized and protected from the sun for healthy skin which is less irritated and less prone to spots.