Some more gym habits which can ruin your skin

While letting your hair lose, not wearing gloves while working out and dehydration are some things you should not do while at the gym, there are some additional gym habits to avoid for optimal skin care.

Touching your face

It’s better if you avoid touching your face during workouts, especially if you are doing weights or cardio machines as these machines do breed bacteria. As you don’t want to unnecessarily introduce bacteria to your skin, which can lead to new breakouts and spread existing ones, it’s better to keep your hands off your skin. The best way to do this is by maintaining a habit of washing your hands after your workout.

Not washing your gym gear

Bacteria and fungi love damp clothing. So if you don’t have a habit of washing your workout clothes after each use, especially if you tend to sweat excessively, your clothes become an ideal place for them. To avoid this, wash and hang your wet workout gear to dry as soon as possible after a workout to eliminate odor and the risk of mildew.

Not washing face

This is a known fact. But you need to make it a habit washing your skin after than before workout as your skin accumulates bacteria, oil and sweat. Wash your skin with a mild, non-drying cleanser and follow with an alcohol-free toner and lightweight oil-free lotion if you wear heavy foundation.

However always wash and moisturize your face after workout as while exercising, sweat with the produced oil creates problems for your skin. So wash your face immediately with a mild sulfate-free gel cleanser to remove dirt, oil and bacteria immediately after your workout.

Not wearing flip flops in gym showers

You obviously have to shower after a workout; but you need to be careful in the showier. The floors are full of not only sweat, but also strains of mold, algae and fungi which thrive in moist environments and get carried under people’s feet. To make things worse, some people even pee in the shower.

So to avoid getting contaminated with all this and possible foot fungus or viral plantar warts, wear flip flops or waterproof shoes while using public showers. And make it a habit to thoroughly dry your feet with a clean towel after the shower, even in between toes. For maximum protection, lay a clean towel on the floor to stand on while dressing so that all the precautions you’d just taken doesn’t go to waste!