How to get rid of rashes under breast- Part 2

So you now know how apple cider vinegar, cornstarch and a cold compress can help reduce any rashes you have under your breast. Besides these everyday items, there are some other herbs in your kitchen which prove helpful at getting rid of all those rashes under your breast.

Anti-aging benefits of green tea

Have you ever looked for a magical ingredient which will help reverse your aging process? Are you worried with your signs of aging? If you are, you may be trying out everything on the shelf to get rid of lines and wrinkles, and in the process, bombard your skin with loads of chemicals.

Sun screen side effects you need to know

It is advised to wear sunscreen while outdoors to prevent skin cancers, premature aging and sunburn. However these chemical sunscreens have side effects because of medications like sulfa drugs, tetracyclines and phenothiazines in them.

Is borax safe for use on the skin?

All those ‘safe’ cosmetic products you find on shelves have some borax in it. Yes, borax is not only used for laundry cleaning, but is also used in soaps and cosmetics. So now you wonder if borax is safe for your skin. Read on for the answer.

How to get rid of rashes under breast- Part 1

Come summertime and you find many women complaining of rashes under their breasts. This is a red, sweat rash known as intertrigo, which is defined as a skin inflammation which occurs in the warm and moist parts of the body. It is most common in places where two skin folds rub or press against each other.

6 signs proving you’re getting a bad facial

Plan on looking your best on your friend’s wedding day? Getting yourself a facial? If you have always had facials, but never felt it benefited you much, it may be because the facial is not good. Here are 6 signs you should look out for as they indicate a bad facial.

8 products which work better than Botox

If you are not happy about having Botox to look younger because of its pros and cons, you could try these skin-care products. They give Botox a run for its money and offer additional skin benefits like stimulating cell renewal and lightening dark spots.

With some patience and dedication at using them, they can help you skip injections, while promising your fabulous results. You can also maximize your results by eating right, exercising and keeping stress under control.

8 tips for younger hands

Practically everyone uses night creams, day creams, exfoliating scrubs and sunscreens to keep their faces looking dewy-fresh. However while concentrating on their faces, most people neglect the biggest age indicator, your hands.  With time, the constant washing, drying and exposure to the elements show on your hands.

3 Homemade face masks which help get rid of wrinkles

Prevention is always better than cure, even with wrinkles. Wrinkles are a part of the aging process, and can be avoided or reduced using the right skin products and face masks. You’d learnt about the great moisturizer, avocado face masks in the previous post. Now here are some more face masks you can try at home to rid yourself of wrinkles and look years younger.

How to look younger without wrinkles!

Aging is a part of life. Everyone can accept this; however it’s rather difficult accepting the other things associated with the aging process like wrinkles. Once you see wrinkles forming on your face, you naturally reach out to cosmetics to help treat the condition. However the very cosmetics and beauty products you use to improve your skin quality may instead end up damaging your skin. In fact, these products not only damage your skin, but may also form wrinkles on them.