7 tips for relief from rashes

If you are suffering from rashes, and want to get rid of it easily, you need to first ascertain the reason for the appearance of rashes. If you know the cause for the rashes, you can decide on the best type of treatment to use to help with its healing. Rashes are common skin outbreaks which are localized or spread over a large area with symptoms like redness, itching, inflammation and cracked skin. 

8 Skin care recipes with honey worth trying out

Honey is popularly eaten with your cornflakes, bread or even pancakes. However there are many other beneficial uses of honey like in beauty care. It is great natural humectants which helps promote the retention of moisture. It is its antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it suitable to use for treating acne and small cuts, bruises and wounds. 

Strawberries and help with skin care-Part 2

In the previous blog, you learnt all about the benefits of strawberries, and how they will actually help you with improving your skin. While a few face and skin masks recipes were mentioned in the previous post, here are some more strawberry masks worth trying out for smooth and fabulous skin.

Strawberries can help with skin care-Part 1

One of the best fruits on the face of the earth is none other than strawberries. This is a fruit which not only looks beautiful, but has lots of beneficial properties. Not only is it healthy to eat for its many antioxidants, it is great to use as a part of your skincare regimen.

8 more home care recipes for dry skin –part 2

As mentioned in the earlier post, dry skin is a condition that affects lots of people. Instead of using over the counter products, there are various dry skin solutions you can make using the usual ingredients found in your kitchen. While the previous post mentioned about 6 home care recipes for dry skin, this post brings you a few more useful recipes to try out.

6 home care recipes for dry skin- part 1

Dry skin is a common, but uncomfortable problem many people suffer from. It gives a dehydrated and dull look to the skin, feels rough and looks unattractive. Moreover, severe cases of dryness can lead to itching and formation of cracks and fine lines on the skin. While applications of dry skin care products do help treat the condition, there are some homemade beauty masks which people with dry skin should and can use.

Tired of dry skin? Use the right dry skin products and treat the problem

If you are suffering from dry skin, you know how uncomfortable your predicament is. You have rough hands; you develop cracks and in extreme cases, there is also bleeding through the cracks formed in dry feet. Instead of waiting for this extreme situation, its better you apply a good dry skin care product on your hands, legs and body every day. These products help make your skin smooth as they are specially formulated to deal with your dry skin condition.

4 myths surrounding skin cancer

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to protect your skin as no one is too old or young to master it. In fact, the rates of Melanoma are increasing mainly amongst women less than 40 years of age. This is perhaps because of the fact that the chances of these women getting skin cancer are eight times more than in 1970. While sunscreens were not used as much now as it was 4 decades ago, people are well aware of the damages of excessive sun exposure and tanning beds.

Regular cleaning and moisturizing for healthy skin

So like most women, you too wear makeup when you go outdoors. However do you remove the makeup before sleeping? While this is elementary, studies conducted showed that more than 50% of people who wore makeup damaged their skin just by not removing their makeup before going to bed!

Good sleep for good skin

The phrase ‘beauty sleep’ is indeed true as it is only if you sleep well that you have healthy and good skin. Improper and poor quality sleep makes your skin look tired and older and gives you bags under your eyes. Moreover, poor quality sleep leads to a vicious cycle of anxiety, depression and irritation wherein you find it difficult getting a good night’s sleep. It is when you sleep that your body and skin cells get repaired.