Men too need an eye cream

Skincare is not a word you will usually find in a man’s dictionary. So you can’t actually expect them to take much care of one of the most sensitive skin areas, which is the skin around the eyes.

This skin is very thin and is thus susceptible to suffering from problems which make you look even older and tired. So if you are like one of these guys and don’t use any eye cream, it’s time to get one. These are the reasons for your buying and using an eye cream.

3 Home remedies for sagging skin

As you age, your skin’s elastin and collagen structure loses its elasticity to start looking loose and saggy. Moreover, age makes the facial muscles weak and contributes to saggy skin. Besides, excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, too much smoking, pregnancy, obesity, rapid weight loss, a poor diet, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, dehydration and use of harsh chemicals on the skin can all lead to a loss of the skin’s elasticity.

Sun screen side effects you need to know

It is advised to wear sunscreen while outdoors to prevent skin cancers, premature aging and sunburn. However these chemical sunscreens have side effects because of medications like sulfa drugs, tetracyclines and phenothiazines in them.

How to look younger without wrinkles!

Aging is a part of life. Everyone can accept this; however it’s rather difficult accepting the other things associated with the aging process like wrinkles. Once you see wrinkles forming on your face, you naturally reach out to cosmetics to help treat the condition. However the very cosmetics and beauty products you use to improve your skin quality may instead end up damaging your skin. In fact, these products not only damage your skin, but may also form wrinkles on them.