4 Skin care tips to tackle the heat

Come summer and your body suffers the most from the heat. While you on the whole suffer from dehydration, your skin suffers through sun damage, blisters, sun burn, pigmentation and tanning. Whilst summer is inevitable, you can do your bit to take proper care of your delicate skin so that it can bear the brunt of summer. The following tips will surely be of great help at keeping the glow and youth in your skin intact.

7 Skin care tips worth implementing this fall

Seasonal changes not only bring about environment changes, but also the need of changing your skin care routine. So with fall coming round the corner, its well worth knowing these skin care tips to help you get through fall.

Skin care- Take cold baths for relief from heat rashes

As mentioned in the previous blog, heat rashes usually form in humid and hot climates, especially if you wear tight-fitting clothes as they do not let your skin breathe. This thus leads to clogged skin pores which do not let sweat escape to lead to skin irritation and eventual heat rashes.

Other possible causes for prickly heat rashes are excessive sweating, wearing nylon clothes, high fever, obesity, over dressing and doing highly strenuous exercises. Even people suffering from congenital decreased or practically absent sweating and bed ridden patients are at an increased risk of developing the problem.