4 Homemade masks as a remedy for dry feet

So you’ve tried the age-old remedy of applying petroleum jelly, moisturizers and creams to your feet to get rid of all that dry skin, right? Well, if you have the patience, you can also try out some masks to apply not to your face, but to your feet for smooth and supple feet.

10 Facial masks for men

It’s important not only women but also men take care of their skin, especially because men have 15% oilier skin than women. Men also have considerably rougher skin because of their regular shaving and razor use.

While there are many skincare products in the market to help with men’s skin care, they are rich in chemicals. It’s thus better if men use natural products like a homemade facial mask for cheap protection against skin problems. So here are some useful homemade facial mask recipes worth trying out.