7 morning skin care mistakes to avoid

No one wants to start off the day making mistakes in their skin care routine. However at times, you may unknowingly do things which sabotage your complexion. This is why this list of skin care mistakes have been compiled so that you can avoid them and prevent any unnecessary wrecking of your skin.

Last 3 skin care myths debunked

This is the last of the series of blog posts on skin care myths which have been debunked. With all this information you will now be able to make better decisions, and get much better skin than you ever imagined!

Even 4 more skin care myths demystified

You have read and learnt the reality of a few popular skin care myths through the last two posts. As mentioned earlier, here are a few more myths demystified for your satisfaction and curiosity.

5 tips to help you buy the best sunscreen

So you are looking for a sunscreen but just don’t know which one to buy. With so many types of lotions, gels, sticks, creams and UV rays/UVB and broad spectrum creams to choose from, it’s not surprising. So here are some tips to help you recognize a good sunscreen.