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4 Skin care tips to tackle the heat

Come summer and your body suffers the most from the heat. While you on the whole suffer from dehydration, your skin suffers through sun damage, blisters, sun burn, pigmentation and tanning. Whilst summer is inevitable, you can do your bit to take proper care of your delicate skin so that it can bear the brunt of summer. The following tips will surely be of great help at keeping the glow and youth in your skin intact.

7 morning skin care mistakes to avoid

No one wants to start off the day making mistakes in their skin care routine. However at times, you may unknowingly do things which sabotage your complexion. This is why this list of skin care mistakes have been compiled so that you can avoid them and prevent any unnecessary wrecking of your skin.

6 Skin care tips for swimmers

Swimming is a great hobby, especially in summer as it helps you cool down while the mercury level rises, while helping you lose some weight. However like most of the good things in life, swimming has its downfalls, especially with your skin.

Some of the damage it can cause to your skin are skin tan, dry and damaged hair, chemical abuse on the sun and swimming under the sun. Moreover, the excessive chemicals in swimming pools dry and darkens the skin while drying up the body’s natural oils. It also troubles the eyes and can lead to fungal or bacterial infections.

7 Skin care tips for the travelling woman

Frequent travelling on work can take its toll on business women as you don’t have much time to give to skin care. With the help of these tips, you will be able to devote some time to your skin care using the following techniques.

7 Skin care tips worth implementing this fall

Seasonal changes not only bring about environment changes, but also the need of changing your skin care routine. So with fall coming round the corner, its well worth knowing these skin care tips to help you get through fall.

Eye care is also a part of skin care

Lots of emphasis is placed on buying and choosing the right skincare products. However not many people know that it’s also important that you remove makeup before sleeping. Most women feel so tired at the end of the day that they don’t feel like spending any more time removing their makeup before sleeping. However not doing this can lead to significant skin damage which accelerates the aging process.

Look attractive to women with these men skin care tips

If you have just been washing your face with bar soap and water and run out of the door, it’s time you changed your skin care routine. This doesn’t mean you need to buy tons of cleansers and creams you most probably won’t use; you just have to practice these tips, which are actually jut a fine-tuning of whatever you do now.

Importance of daily skin care for men

Men’s skin needs as much care and nutrition as a woman’s skin. Though a man’s skin is different from a woman’s skin in texture, it does not differ in its constituency and make-up. Men too have oily, dry, normal and combination skin.

It’s usually those with normal skin who do not pay special attention to their skin thinking its normal skin and does not need much attention. However it is their skin which can grow oily or dry due to environmental changes, food and their lifestyle.

Seasonal skin care routine for men

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc not only on women’s skin but also on men’s skin, if your skin is not looked after properly. So use these tips to save your skin from the harsh winter, dry summer heat and transitional seasonal changes.

Even men need to practice healthy skin care! - Part 2

So you’ve learnt how you should shave to look great and create a good impression in front of your date. Well, besides using the right blades and shaving the right way, there are some other things you need to bear in mind for optimum skin care in men.