skin needling

Dermapen and its applications

The latest in skin needling is Dermapen pen needling where an ergonomic oscillating wand creates a vibrating effect through electronically charged automation. The procedure is thus more comfortable as tiny rejuvenating channels are created while the pen maneuvers across the skin.

The pen’s convertible speed motor and depth treatment adjustments provide for targeted precision which treats various skin problems in a single session. Pen needling thus successfully reduces the signs of facial aging, stretch marks, scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation. As always, you need to undergo a course of treatment to sustain long term and visible results.

Everything you need to know about skin needling

Skin needling is used for treating skin conditions like acne scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven tones and hypopigmentation. It is also popularly known as Collagen Induction Therapy and consists of a special regenerating treatment which penetrates into skin layers to help with the repair and rejuvenation of troubled skin.