Almond oil helps remove makeup

Every woman who wears makeup has to remove it. Instead of using just any makeup remover, it’s better using something like almond oil which not only removes the makeup, but also benefits the skin in other ways. For example, almond oil is known for its antioxidants which help reduce the signs of aging and reduces sun damage.

Now regarding makeup removal, women who have used almond oil vouch that it easily removes eyeliner and mascara, which usually needs some extra effort to get removed. To top it all, unlike other makeup removers, almond oil does not contain chemicals or substances which can damage your skin. On the contrary, it’s gentle on the skin and easily removes makeup.

There is no need of pulling or tugging the skin to remove makeup with almond oil. This is a plus factor about almond oil as your sensitive skin can get damaged or end up with fine lines with all that pulling and tugging.

No heavy skin residue

Another reason why almond oil is a great makeup remover is that it does not leave any heavy, oily residue on the skin. On the contrary, light almond oil feels great on your skin when it gently removes makeup, dirt and other impurities from your face.

Those suffering from dry skin or skin conditions like psoriasis or mild eczema benefit from using almond oil as a makeup remover as it soothes the skin and gives relief from flaking, itching and cracking. Other makeup removers don’t offer this benefit, and may in fact aggravate the symptoms even more.

How to use

It’s easy using almond oil as a makeup remover. You just have to take sufficient almond oil in your palm and gently massage your face while concentrating on the eyes and around them. Then moisten a cotton ball with rose or plain water and gently rub off the makeup.

You may need some extra almond oil in the eye area, especially if you use waterproof mascara. When done, wash off with lukewarm water. You can also try removing makeup by adding some almond oil to a cotton ball or tissue.

There’s no need of washing off the almond oil after removing makeup; leave it on and let its magic work on your skin. Almond oil will give your skin glowing health, which is why it’s better using almond oil instead of any other makeup remover to remove your makeup. Pretty soon, almond oil will leave you with radiant, soft and beautiful skin!