7 morning skin care mistakes to avoid

No one wants to start off the day making mistakes in their skin care routine. However at times, you may unknowingly do things which sabotage your complexion. This is why this list of skin care mistakes have been compiled so that you can avoid them and prevent any unnecessary wrecking of your skin.

  1. If you have a habit of using a washcloth in your routine, its better washing it every day as washcloths tend to get soaked and heavily soiled when in use. Scrubbing your skin with it can lead to the accumulation of dead and makeup soiled skin cells. Moreover, the longer the wash cloth is wet, the better environment it creates for the excessive growth of bacteria and mold.


  1. Mixing too many products is a no-no. It is true that there are various skin-nourishing ingredient around; but using them all at once only messes up your face. Moreover, piling of various ingredients can lead to redness, peeling and inflammation.


Moreover, while antioxidants work best when combined, retinols with acne treatments and alpha hydroxyl acids only spell a disaster recipe. The better option is introducing one product at a time and waiting at least one minute between layering products to buffer interactions and have a fragrance-free formula.


  1. Those with sensitive skin face the risk of ending up with red and blotchy skin if they over wash their skin as it strips the skin of its natural protective oils. The solution to avoid broken out skin is to skip the face wash and to use plain water to rinse away the dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria which had accumulated overnight.


  1. Not applying eye cream to your upper lip is another mistake many people make. While eye creams are generally meant for your eyes, they have the most nutrient-rich ingredients to treat wrinkles, elastin and collagen production as eyes are the hardest area of the face to treat. Moreover they prove helpful for your lips which age faster than the rest of your face.


  1. Waiting too long to apply your products is another mistake you shouldn’t make. Always apply the products you use like toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer within a few minutes of cleansing as this is when the skin is still damp and pores, open.


  1. Don’t make the mistake of going in the wrong order as there is a correct order to follow for using skincare products. The serum should be applied after cleansing to be followed by sunscreen, moisturizer and finally eye cream.


  1. The last mistake to avoid is not using the right cleansing motion. You need to cover your fingertips with cleanser and glide it over your nose, onto the forehead, around the eyes and then down the cheeks till you reach your chin. It looks like you are doing mini breaststrokes on your face, and great increases circulation as you wash.