6 Tips for remaining fresh and glowing even in summer

The first thing that pops to mind when you think of summer is its heat and along with it, sweating and sticky skin. You find it really difficult remaining fresh and glowing for meetings and special occasions. Understanding your problem, here are some tips to help you remain fresh and glowing even in the hot summer.

  1. Skin

Regarding your skin, you need to keep a mild cleanser for your skin type ready at all times to wash your face with whenever you feel your skin getting oily, or if you find sebum on your nose. You can also carry a gentle face freshener with you whenever you go to spray on your face for to instantly brighten your dull and tired skin.

Then of course, you can never forget wearing a sunscreen in summer to protect the skin from sun damage. In fact, you should use sunscreen not only in summer, but also throughout the year for protection from the sun damage triggered by UV rays.

  1. Hair

Keep your hair away from our face in summer with braids and buns which make you look chic and young. It’s rather uncomfortable and problematic having fair falling or sticking to your face. Instead, use side braids which look ravishing and a ponytail with a pouf for added bounce.

  1. To smell good

It’s not enough to just concentrate on your looks to look fresh and glowing this summer. You also have to smell good otherwise your body sweat and odour will make you feel tired and conscious. Try using a subtle smelling body mist or perfume, and a deodorant to smell good this summer.

As fragrances don’t last long in summer, it’s better if you dab something on the nape of your neck. It’s also a good idea to carry some miniature sized perfume bottles in your purse or clutch all the time along with deodorants to use when you feel smelly.

  1. Clothes

Its better wearing cotton in summer as it lets air pass through you so that you end up sweating less. As perspiration makes you feel sticky, wear lighter colored fabrics which don’t absorb heat as much as dark colored clothes do.

  1. Makeup  

If you are wearing some makeup, first rub some ice cubes on your face to minimize the pores and help makeup stay longer. Always wear minimal makeup in summer and opt for tinted moisturizers instead of heavy foundations.

  1. Water

Face fresheners are great for freshening your skin while blotting papers help get rid of the oil on your face. Don’t wear too much of jewellery; something light and simple is better. Last, but not least, to survive the summer, you need to drink loads and loads of water, to the tone of at least 8 litres, or even more, every day.

These 6 tips will assure you remain fresh and glowing even in summer.