6 Tips for remaining fresh and glowing even in summer

The first thing that pops to mind when you think of summer is its heat and along with it, sweating and sticky skin. You find it really difficult remaining fresh and glowing for meetings and special occasions. Understanding your problem, here are some tips to help you remain fresh and glowing even in the hot summer.

Your skin too needs some preparation for a long flight

Going for a long flight? Worried about your skin and how you will look getting off the plane? Well, here’s some help at making you look like a beauty queen when you get off the plane after such a long flight.

  1. Hydrate yourself from within

It’s very important that you first hydrate yourself from within by drinking some water or coconut water, which is rich in vitamins. With your body full of liquids, you can easily combat the cabin’s dry air. However drinking coffee and soda does not count.

4 Gym habits which can ruin your skin

It’s great if you have a habit of going to the gym as not many do. It’s good for both your health and wellness but at the same time, can cause havoc to your skin. This is especially if you are used to any of these below bad habits wherein you will have to take some time to rethink things.

  1. Letting loose your hair

If you have a habit of leaving your hair, and do not pull it back from your face, the hair products and not sweat may cause skin problems. So if you notice some breakouts on your hairline or forehead, don’t just blame sweat. All the mousses, gels and hair products you use are also to blame.

7 ways to use coffee in your makeup routine

You’ve always been advised to reduce your daily coffee consumption as its high caffeine levels are not healthy for you. However not many know that coffee has much more to offer to you than being your favorite morning wake-up call. Read on to find out how you too can reap these coffee benefits.

Sun screen side effects you need to know

It is advised to wear sunscreen while outdoors to prevent skin cancers, premature aging and sunburn. However these chemical sunscreens have side effects because of medications like sulfa drugs, tetracyclines and phenothiazines in them.