Your skin too needs some preparation for a long flight

Going for a long flight? Worried about your skin and how you will look getting off the plane? Well, here’s some help at making you look like a beauty queen when you get off the plane after such a long flight.

  1. Hydrate yourself from within

It’s very important that you first hydrate yourself from within by drinking some water or coconut water, which is rich in vitamins. With your body full of liquids, you can easily combat the cabin’s dry air. However drinking coffee and soda does not count.

  1. Get your skin ready

It’s better if you exfoliate and moisturize your skin before you take a fight instead of doing it while on board. Moreover, your exfoliated and prepared skin then absorbs any face cream you apply while flying much more easily and quickly.

  1. Face masks

Then again, if you are interested, you can always apply a ready-made facial rejuvenating mask or some thick nourishing cream while on flight. Just get comfortable and apply your treatment. However if you feel shy or embarrassed to do this, just apply a hydrating spray while in the bathroom and experience its benefits! You land looking rested and fresh if you hydrate your skin while on board.

  1. Eat healthy

Take some healthy snacks like dry fruits, blueberries and nuts along with you to avoid eating unhealthy snacks. Healthy snacks provide you with the necessary vitamins and energy to make you feel less tired after long flights.

  1. Rest

Use your flight time to relax, rest or meditate; and carry along things to make you feel comfortable like a pillow, a warm and cosy blanket, deep mask, big socks and your headphone with music device. You just have to unplug yourself from the outside world and sleep and relax so that you reach your destination refreshed and well rested.

  1. Give life to your eyes

As your eyes may look red and tired after a long flight, pack some Visine into your bag and put a few drops in your eyes to reduce the effect. Applying some light, flesh toned pencil on your waterline before alighting makes your eyes look brighter and less tired. Bringing a gel mask with you can help you battle eye puffiness as it reduces stress, eye puffiness and provides headache relief.

  1. Add volume to your hair

As your hair can get flatter sitting through a long flight, apply a hair volumizing product after washing your hair and before taking a flight. Tie a high ponytail on board and loosen your hair when you land for multiplied volume.

With these 7 travel beauty tips, you can now easily survive a long flight to get off the plane looking refreshed and well rested.