Dermapen and its applications

The latest in skin needling is Dermapen pen needling where an ergonomic oscillating wand creates a vibrating effect through electronically charged automation. The procedure is thus more comfortable as tiny rejuvenating channels are created while the pen maneuvers across the skin.

The pen’s convertible speed motor and depth treatment adjustments provide for targeted precision which treats various skin problems in a single session. Pen needling thus successfully reduces the signs of facial aging, stretch marks, scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation. As always, you need to undergo a course of treatment to sustain long term and visible results.

The procedure

The minute fractional channels created by the Dermapen triggers encourages the skin’s natural healing, repair and renewal process. There will be a slight sting and some vibrations felt during the treatment as the pen glides across the skin.

A session lasts about 15 minutes and can treat all contours and difficult-to-reach areas like the upper lip and under-eyes. The skin however feels and looks like it has mild sunburn with redness lasting about 2 days after the treatment.

Unlike other needling methods, the more than 1300 rejuvenating channels created per second by the pen’s oscillating motor allows for quick, painless and comfortable treatment. An anesthetic cream may be applied for more intensive needling procedures half an hour before the treatment to reduce sensitivity. The skin feels warm and slightly tight, like light sunburn after the treatment and progressively reduces over 2 days’ time.


The Dermapen can visibly plump and rejuvenate fine lines, wrinkles, sagging contours and tired looking skin by inducing new collagen production. It also treats all types of scars like acne, ice pick, hypertrophic and pock marks by replacing damaged tissue with fresh collagen to reduce the appearance of indentations and uneven skin tone. Dermapen also treats age spots and hyper pigmentation, especially darker tones and best treats the entire facial and neck area.

Minimal side effects

Dermapen has minimal side effects and down time. At the most you may see petechiae or small blood blisters around thinner skin areas which is normal and disappears in 3-4 days. There may also be some tightness and slight flaking which is relieved by applying a light moisturizer and sunscreen.

While a sunscreen has to be applied to protect the skin after a treatment, a cooling gel provides relief for skin redness, swelling and inflammation. A light, non-comedogenic moisturizer applied twice a day provides relief to tight and flaking skin.

It’s better to avoid cardio workouts and any activities where you sweat or get hot for at least 48 hours after the treatment session. However normal activities can be resumed without any downtime.

You usually have to undergo 3-4 treatment sessions for ageing and wrinkles, 6-8 sessions for scar reduction and about 8 treatments for stretch marks. While sessions are performed at 6-8 weekly intervals for effective results, visible improvement is seen about 2-4 weeks after the procedure. Moreover, it can be performed on most skin types, colors and conditions but not on skin which has been recently damaged, sunburnt or has aggressive cystic acne.