Dermapen and its applications

The latest in skin needling is Dermapen pen needling where an ergonomic oscillating wand creates a vibrating effect through electronically charged automation. The procedure is thus more comfortable as tiny rejuvenating channels are created while the pen maneuvers across the skin.

The pen’s convertible speed motor and depth treatment adjustments provide for targeted precision which treats various skin problems in a single session. Pen needling thus successfully reduces the signs of facial aging, stretch marks, scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation. As always, you need to undergo a course of treatment to sustain long term and visible results.

4 Skin care tips to tackle the heat

Come summer and your body suffers the most from the heat. While you on the whole suffer from dehydration, your skin suffers through sun damage, blisters, sun burn, pigmentation and tanning. Whilst summer is inevitable, you can do your bit to take proper care of your delicate skin so that it can bear the brunt of summer. The following tips will surely be of great help at keeping the glow and youth in your skin intact.

Remove lip wrinkles- they indicate your age!

Looking at the mirror, you wonder what you can do about those lip wrinkles. Well, it’s all part of the aging process, and not only you, everyone gets it. These deep grooves around your mouth however make your lip makeup bleed and is more prominent if you smoke, spend too much time in the sun or neglected your skin and have not applied any anti-wrinkle cream or moisturizer.

Your skin’s collagen levels reducing and skin becoming thinner is all part of the aging process. While it is a fact that lip wrinkles are inevitable, with some care and the following preventive tips, you will be able to minimize its appearance.

5 Skin care tips for those who workout

A workout can work wonders to your body as it helps reduce your stress, makes you fit and healthy and also helps you lose weight. However in the process, there is also a high chance of your workout creating havoc to your skin if you don’t take the necessary precautions. So here are some preventive skin care tips worth following:

  1. Use your SPF

If you go to the gym for your workout during the day, don’t forget to slather on your sunscreen. It’s better if you apply a lightweight SPF of about 30 to avoid any clogging of pores. A heavy formula reacts with your sweat to trigger a bad breakout.

Athletes your skin need care too!

So you’re proud that you are physically fit and healthy with regular swimming, running, biking and playing in team games? Well, while this is true, you also need to take care of your skin amidst all this. If you don’t know how to go about this, here are some tips which should help you.

5 neck skin care tips worth knowing

You are always working hard at protection and caring for your facial skin and face. However the neck needs the same attention as they show signs of aging even quicker than your face does. So here are some tips to help you protect your necks.

7 Skin care tips worth implementing this fall

Seasonal changes not only bring about environment changes, but also the need of changing your skin care routine. So with fall coming round the corner, its well worth knowing these skin care tips to help you get through fall.

Types of moisturizers for men with dry skin

If you are looking for some moisturizer for your skin, you need to first consider the type of moisturizer you need before hitting the shopping center’s skincare aisle. If your skin gets red and easily irritated, it may be because of your sensitive skin.

 If you break out and have oily areas with your dry ones, you may have a combination or acne-prone skin. If you don’t have a habit of using sunscreen it’s high time you did along with a moisturizer which does double duty.

How men with acne should shave

No matter if you have curly hair or are acne prone, it’s not easy shaving over skin imperfections. However these tips can prove helpful at getting zits and bumps in control so that you can easily shave.

5 tips for removing wrinkles on a man’s forehead

Wrinkles on the forehead is a problem everyone suffers from. No matter if you are just twenty years of age or in your forties, you can get wrinkles while women tackle the problem with a huge range of skin care products and facial treatments, men are a novice, and uncomfortable with skin care products.


However there’s good news for them. There are now a few techniques which men can use to prevent, treat and even get rid of any wrinkles they have on their forehead.