5 Skin care tips for those who workout

A workout can work wonders to your body as it helps reduce your stress, makes you fit and healthy and also helps you lose weight. However in the process, there is also a high chance of your workout creating havoc to your skin if you don’t take the necessary precautions. So here are some preventive skin care tips worth following:

  1. Use your SPF

If you go to the gym for your workout during the day, don’t forget to slather on your sunscreen. It’s better if you apply a lightweight SPF of about 30 to avoid any clogging of pores. A heavy formula reacts with your sweat to trigger a bad breakout.

  1. Do you shower before the workout?

Yes, not many people know the importance of showering before a workout. By giving your skin a good cleanse before you exercise, the sweat that you build up while working out is clean. If you don’t shower before your workout, you only risk developing acne and even body fungus. However don’t make the mistake of eoliating as eoliating before a workout only ends up irritating your skin to cause redness.

  1. Wear the right dress

It’s very important that no exposed body part touches the skin equipment. This means you should ensure your face doesn’t touch the yoga mat or your back, the weight bench. While it’s better if you wear long sleeve shirts and pants, if you prefer wearing something breathable, wear it but always lay a towel on surfaces your skin comes in contact with.

This is necessary as you are not the only person to use the gym equipment. Many others have used it before you so there’s a chance of your breaking out badly if you don’t follow these rules. And if you have a habit of wearing pomades, hair oils, greases or serums, make sure you wear a hairband while working out as your sweat can trigger breakouts on your hairline.

  1. Sanitizing towelettes aren’t reliable

Applying disinfectant wipes on equipment does not protect from breakouts. It only reduces the bacteria which triggers viruses and colds. The only way you can keep your skin risk-free is to avoid contact with equipment.

  1. Another cleanse for cooling down

Use a gentle, unscented cleanser to wash your body and face after your workout to avoid irritation as your skin turns sensitive after a workout. Then apply a soothing bath oil and blot your skin dry with a cool towel. It’s okay to eoliate twice a week after your workout to keep your skin free of impurities.

These 5 tips ensure your workout keeps your body and skin in tip-top condition all the time.