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Dermapen and its applications

The latest in skin needling is Dermapen pen needling where an ergonomic oscillating wand creates a vibrating effect through electronically charged automation. The procedure is thus more comfortable as tiny rejuvenating channels are created while the pen maneuvers across the skin.

The pen’s convertible speed motor and depth treatment adjustments provide for targeted precision which treats various skin problems in a single session. Pen needling thus successfully reduces the signs of facial aging, stretch marks, scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation. As always, you need to undergo a course of treatment to sustain long term and visible results.

Chemical peels help improve the look of your skin

Chemical peel can be used to improve the face, neck or hand’s appearance. It helps reduce fine lines around the mouth and under eyes, improves the appearance of mild scars, helps treat acne types, treats wrinkles, reduces dark patches, age spots and freckles and improves the look and feel of skin.


The procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin after which the skin blisters and peels off. The resulting new skin is generally smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

5 neck skin care tips worth knowing

You are always working hard at protection and caring for your facial skin and face. However the neck needs the same attention as they show signs of aging even quicker than your face does. So here are some tips to help you protect your necks.

Choose the right skin serum for this fall

Come fall and its cool temperatures creates havoc on your skin by making it dry, sensitive and irritated. The best way to prevent and control this is by including serum in your skincare regimen.

Serum is important as it contains a strong dose of powerful ingredients to help you skin tackle different skin problems. These serums come in various types to suit your skin type, skin issue and budget. Here are the different types of serums available for you to choose and use this fall:

Avoid these habits and control your wrinkles

Wrinkles were always associated as a part of the aging process, and were noticed only as you grew older. However today things have changed wherein wrong lifestyle, stress and wrong food habits lead to the development of wrinkles at a younger age.

People are today in fact willing to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of these wrinkles. Instead of getting rid of the wrinkles, it’s better to avoid some of these habits which trigger and lead to wrinkles.

Let your body work while you sleep

Nighttime is not only a time to rest, but also when your body gets time to recharge itself for the next day, and your skin has time for rejuvenation. You get better results if you help and get your skin ready for all this night time work with the following tips.

If you have a habit of sleeping with your hair down, it’s better if you stop the habit and sleep with your hair tied up as it’s beneficial to both your hair and skin. Make it a habit brushing your hair and braiding or pinning it up into a bun to keep it off your face as you sleep, and to prevent the formation of knots and tangles in the morning. This is essential as your hair has oil and dirt which can cause pimples and acne.

6 home care recipes for dry skin- part 1

Dry skin is a common, but uncomfortable problem many people suffer from. It gives a dehydrated and dull look to the skin, feels rough and looks unattractive. Moreover, severe cases of dryness can lead to itching and formation of cracks and fine lines on the skin. While applications of dry skin care products do help treat the condition, there are some homemade beauty masks which people with dry skin should and can use.

Tired of dry skin? Use the right dry skin products and treat the problem

If you are suffering from dry skin, you know how uncomfortable your predicament is. You have rough hands; you develop cracks and in extreme cases, there is also bleeding through the cracks formed in dry feet. Instead of waiting for this extreme situation, its better you apply a good dry skin care product on your hands, legs and body every day. These products help make your skin smooth as they are specially formulated to deal with your dry skin condition.