A child’s sensitive skin needs this additional care

You love your child and want to do everything possible to take best care of your baby. Your child’s skin is very delicate, and this is where you can start your childcare routine. In fact, a child has thinner and more sensitive skin than an adult and is thus more sensitive to irritation. So here are a few tips which help parents care for a child’s sensitive skin.

  1. Sun protection: Your child’s delicate skin is burnt and irritated by sun exposure, which is why it’s better to avoid too much sun in the early years to prevent possible skin cancer later on in life.


So avoid sending your child outdoors into the sun when the sun rays are the strongest, which is between 10 am and 4 pm. protect their skin by covering your child and applying sunscreen on the exposed skin. The sunscreen should protect have an SPF of at least 30 and protect against both UVA and UVB rays.


However avoid products containing PABA as they irritate the skin. Do not apply sunscreen on babies under 6 months of age; just cover and shade them from the sun. Also use UVA/UVB-blocking clothing as they are better than t-shirts at protecting your child from harmful sun rays.


  1. As aerosol products like air-freshening sprays, pet hair, dander, furniture polish and wool or synthetic clothing can irritate your child’s skin, don’t use them around your child. Vacuum your house every week and keep pets out of the bedroom and use only cotton or cotton blend clothes for your child. Always wash new clothing with a sensitive-skin-friendly laundry detergent free of dyes and perfumes before your child wears it.


  1. Laundry detergents, many types of soap, fabric softeners and other products contain dyes and perfumes which can irritate your child’s sensitive skin. Avoid using them and use only sensitive-skin friendly products which are free from perfume, dyes, dermatologist tested and specially designed for sensitive skin. This applies to personal products like shampoos, creams, lotions and soaps too.


  1. Don’t ignore if your child has very irritated and itchy skin, or if your child gets frequent rashes. You never know; some kids have skin conditions like eczema requiring special treatment.


  1. Always use a moisturizer to apply to your child’s body and face after every bath to seal in the moisture and keep their skin well moisturized. It is through proper moisturizing that your child’s sensitive skin is protected from irritations.

These 5 tips prove helpful at protecting your child’s sensitive skin and keeping it soft and supple for a few more years!