How to prevent dark underarm skin- Part 2

Now you know that avoiding shaving of underarms, maintaining your weight and waxing can help prevent dark underarms. There are however some other means of preventing dark underarm skin mentioned below.

  1. If you love using deodorants and antiperspirants, it’s time you stopped or at least reduced your consumption. Though they do give a good fragrance, they have harsh chemicals which roughen and darken your underarms. They also lead to pigmentation which leads to permanently dark underarms.


If you feel uncomfortable not wearing deodorants, you can opt for, and use deodorants which do not contain PEGs, synthetic ingredients, antibacterial, petrochemicals, hormone disrupting fragrance, antibacterial and alcohol or aluminum compounds. It’s even better if you start using natural deodorants and antiperspirants like sandalwood, rosewater, coconut oil and baking soda.


  1. Avoid wearing tight or synthetic clothes as they lead to friction which can lead to rashes and consequent pigmentation. Moreover, as synthetic clothes don’t let your skin breathe it traps sweat and leads to bacterial growth which induces skin darkening. It’s thus better if you wear cotton or skin friendly clothes and loose clothes which give your arms sufficient space to move without any friction.


  1. Maintaining basic hygiene helps prevent dark underarms. If you don’t properly clean your underarms, it leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells under the arms. This in turn causes bumps and dark spots. It’s even better if you regularly exfoliate the skin under your arms. Just make sure you do it gently as the underarm skin is thin and rough handling and harsh scrubs can cause scars and rashes.


  1. So this means no matter how tired you may be, you shouldn’t skip your shower. This is especially important if the weather is hot, where you should bathe more often. Your not bathing leads to the buildup of bacteria which in turn causes smelly sweat and pigmentation. If possible, mix some citrus oil to your bathing water as it not only makes you smell great through the day, but also prevents darkening of your underarm skin.


  1. Did you know those birth control pills you take can lead to the darkening of your skin? Yes, it’s true as these pills can lead to hormonal imbalances which in turn leads to dark underarms. If you need a contraceptive, there are some other contraceptives you can try.

With the help of all these tips, you can finally say bye-bye to dark underarms!