Regular cleaning and moisturizing for healthy skin

So like most women, you too wear makeup when you go outdoors. However do you remove the makeup before sleeping? While this is elementary, studies conducted showed that more than 50% of people who wore makeup damaged their skin just by not removing their makeup before going to bed!

The most common reason these people gave for not removing their makeup before sleeping was that they were too tired to do so. This in turn proves that they do not get enough sleep, which is another factor that affects the health of your skin. Then again there were some people who said that they did not remove their makeup because they had had too much to drink and some were just not bothered about it.

Use warm water

However it is very important that you remove the makeup you wear as skin cleansing removes dirt and bacteria. Just remember to do this gently and use warm instead of hot water. It’s also better to spend only 15 minutes or less in the shower or bath. Spending too much time in hot water only strips the oil from your skin.

Also use mild and not strong soaps while bathing. Avoid those soaps with irritating additives like perfumes and dyes, especially if you have sensitive skin. Pat dry your skin after bathing so that some moisture remains.

Regular moisturizing of the skin prevents it from drying and forms a protective skin layer. Moisturizing protects your skin from the weather and from drying up and looking dull. It also helps your skin maintain its natural moisture levels as it seals the water in the skin or may slowly release water into the skin.

When you remove makeup, you need to be careful of the delicate skin around the eyes. In case you use waterproof makeup, you will need to use an oil-based product to remove all the makeup.

Use the right moisturizer

Remember that the ingredients of the moisturizer are important while choosing the right one, and not the price. In fact, the moisturizer’s price does not at all indicate how good it is; many a times, cheaper moisturizers are just as effective.

However if you have dry skin, it’s better to avoid alcohol based products. In case you have oily skin, avoid using oil based products and instead, use water-based ones. There are also some people who have oily skin, and do not require any additional moisturizer.

If you are not sure if you should moisturize your skin, just notice how your skin feels after 20 minutes of bathing. If your skin feels tight, it usually indicates the need of a moisturizer!