Rose water helps treat dry skin

Dry skin can be tough to the owner as you feel embarrassed shaking hands with people and your hands sometimes get ‘stuck’ in the fiber of some clothes! No matter if you have always had dry skin, or if it is a consequence of the harsh climate or some skin care products, you will definitely want a means of making your skin smooth and soft.

Well, there’s hope for you in the form of an everyday product, rose water. The regular use of rose water on your skin can lead to well hydrated skin, which is both smooth and soft. For better effects, you can also use rose water with other products. Here are some methods for using rose water to treat dry skin.

Method no.1:

The first method involves adding a few drops of rose water to your cream or lotion, and then applying as usual. You will notice a marked difference in the look and feel of your skin each time you use the mixture as rose water makes your skin softer and very supple with rose water.

You will quickly notice the itchiness, flaking and redness reducing and your skin starts feeling amazing. Moreover, as dry skin is prone to aging, rose water also helps keep signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles away.

You can also make your own natural moisturizer by mixing a teaspoon of coconut oil or avocado with two teaspoons each of honey and rose water. All these ingredients have excellent effects on the skin, and will moisturize and hydrate your dry skin to make it look amazing.

Method no.2:

The second method involves using rose water as a daily facial toner as it keeps dryness away while maintaining a healthy glow to your skin. It’s much better than using the many facial toners in the market which have lots of alcohol and chemicals which strip your skin of its moisture.

Just soak some a cotton ball into the rose water and apply to your cleansed face. This helps remove all excess makeup, dirt and dead skin on your face. Then use chilled rose water to freshen and moisturize your skin any time of the day.

Using rose water as a facial toner is very helpful as it naturally tones your skin to an even tone while closing your pores. Using rose water as a part of your everyday facial beauty regime helps prevent all possible skin problems including signs of aging, flaking and redness and gives you glowing skin.